Milestone Data Solutions, LLC

Aerial - with a Map Packs subscription Milestone Data will provide the most up to date aerial images that are available. These images can be delivered in various formats like PDF and JPG. Additionally, for those who are interested in using the images in GIS software a georeferenced GEOTIFF format can be provided.
Topo - a Map Pack subscription can also provide USGS topo maps. Users can select to obtain standard flat topos or get the enhanced shaded relief topo maps.
Landgrid - Our vector PLSS landgrid data can be delivered in a shapefile or CDF format. Additionally, PDF images of blank townships and sections can be purchased for those users who want a cost saving way to manually draw additional features.

Below are some examples of types of data we can incorporate into your maps.
  • Aerial images
  • USGS topo
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Leasehold Ownership
  • Mineral Ownership
  • Well Locations
  • Federal Lands
  • State Lands
  • Native American Lands
  • Federal Units
  • Railroads
  • UPRC Strip
  • National and State Parks
  • National Forests
  • Wilderness Study Areas
  • Lakes
  • Rivers and Streams