Milestone Data Solutions, LLC

Software Solutions

  • COtoGo app, Lease Builder app, and Survey Finder app

COtoGo is a tourism app showcasing amazing recreational features in Colorado. Users can navigate through a wide variety of feature types such as hiking trails, bike trails, 14ers, whitewater rafting areas, great fishing spots and the list will always continue to grow.

Lease Builder is a tract based system which allows you to visually analyse your inputs and then swipe to build the data behind the tract. The user interface allows users to input the data into our SQL database. The final product is a data rich, and is visually dynamic which can be delivered to your clients or colleagues.

Survey Builder is a easy and fast way to look up surveys (such as lots) in North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, and Montana!

Data Solutions

  • Vector and Raser data sets and downloadable maps

We provide custom value added vector data sets. Sets include roads, geographic names, hydrology (rivers, streams and lakes), PLSS landgrid, boundaries, bathymetry, wells, DEM (digital elevation models) and more.


  • Geo Maps

It is the best way to explore your area without wifi.

Milestone Data Solutions