Survey Calculator - A time and cost saving app for Land Professionals. We all know that a Quarter Quarter of a section is 40 acres, but that can change when the section has Lots or other non conforming surveys. The Survey Calculator utilizes a database of lot and survey numbers and acreages. The Land Professional enters in the Township, Range and Section and the calculator identifies the lots. Best of all, the user can quickly tap the calculator keys, select the lots and get an accurate gross acres for the tract. No longer is it necessary to go to the BLM and research MT Plats to visually identify the lot number and acreage. A monthly subscription to Survey Calcultor makes it faster and cheaper to get accurate legal descriptions which reduces potential recording ratification fees.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop
Data Services - Milestone offers many types of quality data. Whether you need raster images like georeferenced aerial images, USGS topo maps and digital elevation models or vector data like landgrid surveys, surface contours or custom outlines Milestone can provide a solution.
Mapping Services - We offer custom mapping solutions for a variety of industries. Our visual aids enhance communication between workers in the field and employees back in the office. Have an idea of the result you want, but need some ideas on how to achieve that goal? Give us a call and we can provide a free estimate.